SOLD 2016 Zero FXS (ZF 6.5 Modular) Black [PRE-OWNED]SOLD



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This pre-owned 2016 Zero FXS is modular, with each power pack being 3.3kWh for a total of 6.5kWh.

This FXS has been through a battle, with scars to tell! There are some scratches on the fenders and missing Zero stickers, but that’s what makes this beauty a barn find! If you wanted a pretty one, you’ll have to either buy a brand new one or give it a face-lift by ordering some plastics!

City range: 90 miles

Peak torque: 70 ft-lbs

Top speed: 82 mph

Weight: 293 lbs

Seat height: 32.9 in

Odometer: 63K miles

Out of warranty.


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